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Give Thanks

My new favorite thing to do these days is to listen to podcasts while walking. A few days ago I caught an episode about gratitude and how it’s an important attitude to have to grow spiritually. I took some time to contemplate what I am grateful for in my life. All I could feel was immense gratitude for everything/everyone who has been a part of my life thus far. Some memories were very pleasant and some which were not so pleasant. But in retrospect, I’m grateful for each of those experiences. I do not want to bore you with the long list right now. I will mention one that I feel most thankful for. I am very grateful for all the knowledge that I have been able to gain over the years, to develop the attitude of thankfulness even when things don’t go the way I desire. This attitude by itself has largely changed me as a person. I am still not at a place where I can practice gratitude in every moment but I hope to get there someday. At times, it is difficult to be grateful when people or s