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Shifting From Outward To Inward

Our memory gets clouded with time and all we are left with are our perceptions of what we remember. Is there a specific time or day when I felt the urge to look inward? I don’t think so. Every experience has brought me here to this moment where I’m writing this. I will try my best to recollect some thoughts which had a huge impact on me along the way. Being born in a Hindu family, I’ve been raised to pray to God in the form of various deities. My family was neither too orthodox, nor too religious. But that was something which was done culturally, there was no questioning it. I used to follow the norm without understanding the significance or meaning of God. For the longest time, I remember trying to find out what God means to me. From my childhood till my late twenties, I did not dare to question it because I felt stupid that I failed to understand the purpose, while everyone else seemed happy just bowing down to God to pray and go about their activities. As I started growing up and ge