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Mandala With 108 Names Of Swami Chinmayananda

As I continue to study Vedanta , I am beginning to understand the traditions of the culture that I was born into. A teacher plays an important role in one's life. In Hindu culture, the Teacher or the Guru is given utmost and the highest respect as he/she passes on the knowledge that one wouldn't have otherwise. Having that highest regard and faith towards the Guru enables the student to learn in a focused way. I have been fortunate to have many teachers in my life who have greatly inspired and taught me invaluable things in various fields. Lately, I found myself learning a lot from Swami Chinmayananda and other gurus from Chinmaya Mission . My eternal gratitude to this great master. I've recently learned about Shri Chinmaya Ashtottara Shata Namavali , a hymn of 108 Names in praise of Swami Chinmayananda. While reflecting on the meaning of the hymn , I found myself painting this mandala.

9 Words To Motivate You

Some days we wake up energetic to do a lot. On Other days the motivation isn't there for some reason or the other. At least that's what happens to me once in a while. What motivates me on those days is to look at my pinboard, which has words that inspire me. It helps me a great deal to think about what those words mean to me. There is an instant shift in my thinking and energy flows in to keep me going. I find it extremely beneficial to surround myself with things and artwork that are meaningful to me. What started as one artwork while doing something in vintage style turned into a series of 9 motivational words that inspire me - Believe, Love, Create, Focus, Inspire, Learn, Practice, Persist, Seek. Believe Believing in what we are doing is the first and the most important step towards achieving any goal. All of our actions are driven by what we believe in. Hence it is important to determine or come to an intelligent conclusion about what we believe. The actions stemming out o