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We Are All In This Together

When I was coloring a mandala from the Limitless book yesterday, the significance of the symbolism struck me, especially with the experience we are going through with the Covid-19 pandemic. Mandala symbolically represents how the whole universe is connected in many cultures. And we wonder how that could be with the world being so large and seemingly so disconnected most of the time. But this experience that the whole world is going through together shows us how deeply connected we are. This is the first time in my lifetime, where all of us are going through the same experience irrespective of where we live. The health of the world is dependent on the health of each nation. The health of the nation is dependent on the health of the communities we live in. The health of the community is dependent on the health of each individual. Similarly, each individual is responsible for the health of their communities, nations, and the health of the world. We need to remember that our actions will