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2020 Year End Reflections

As we are getting closer to the new year, it's time for year-end reflections. What a year this has been, unforgettable in many ways. Since we all are stuck at home with minimal distractions, I tried to take advantage of it. Listed below are some projects I worked on this year - Published Get Motivated coloring book - Volume 5 of The Art of Now - Color Me series. Took part in #The100DayProject - Looking forward to sharing details in an upcoming project with all the artwork created. Started sharing reflections from experiences and learnings in the Reflections Along The Way Podcast. Completed studying the book Self-Unfoldment with a great group of people. While reflecting on what the most important lesson was this year, I always came back to the thought - We are all connected . For most of my life, I had an attitude that I am the creator of my destiny, that I could achieve whatever I set as my goal as. It never really struck me that everything is not in my control and that